Odour Elimination | From £70.00 | 2hrs - 4hrs

We are priviledged to own Autosmarts AROMATEK
An odour neutraliser is the only safe and permanent method we have found to eliminate malodours such as; Cigarette smoke, Animal smells, Damp and Stale odours from any enclosed space.


How does it work?

The system uses dry vapour produced from 32 natural oils designed to neutralise & permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals & food. Unlike conventional air-fresheners that just cover up the smell, the dry vapour produced by the AROMATEK system penetrates deep into all pourous surfaces inside the vehicle including the air coniditoning system to completely remove the source of all malodours. Once the process is complete, doors can be opened to reveal a natural smelling interior with no traces or residue anywhere to be seen, eliminating the need to re-deep clean the interior.

Scents available: Lemon, Orchard Berry, Vanilla & Leather.


We highly recommend booking this service alongside an interior deep clean to ensure your vehicle is 100% free of all malodours.

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